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LALaw24 consists of experienced lawyers, and we have been very successful in protecting our client’s rights. We know how to fight the insurance companies and the Defendants, and bring the best result for our clients.

We do NOT charge a fee until there has been a monetary recovery in our client's case and we will advance all costs and expenses in most of the cases with reservation of reimbursement.


Personal Injury Law


LALaw24 makes a specialty of personal injury law .
The statistics are chilling - every hour, there are believed to be over 11,000 disabling accidents in the United States. These accidents are the common causes of personal injuries , which may range from trivial to critical, depending on how the damage was sustained physically, mentally or emotionally. Defined as an injury to the body or mind, a personal injury can be caused on purpose (in the case of an assault) or occur due to a third party's negligence (failure to provide safe circumstances, as in the case of an employer with unsafe work conditions or a property owner who fails to secure their property).Vehicle accidents are accidents involving cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles, pedestrians hit by a motor vehicle. Common causes include inattentive or reckless driving, badly-designed roads, inappropriate traffic control devices, and vehicle design or tire defects.

Our specialized personal injury fields are following:

1. Automobile
2. Car Accidents
3. Truck Accidents
4. Dog Bites
5. Slip & Fall
6. Government claim
7. Other Serious Injuries


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