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Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

In the United States truck accidents take place every 16 minutes, many times resulting in serious physical injuries and fatalities to the people involved. Due to the large size of trucks and 18 wheelers, victims in passenger cars or other similar sized vehicles are at risk for serious injuries. If you are ever involved in serious injuries caused by truck accident call the Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at LALaw24.
Most serious injuries are such as:

                     Internal bleeding
                     Broken bones
                     Head trauma
                     Spinal cord injury
                     Scars and disfigurement

Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer

A Truck Accident is very different from a car accident or from any other type of motor automobile accident, for that matter. The difference is that truck drivers have limited visibility. A commercial truck's driver position is often so elevated that some areas beside and behind him exist where there is limited or even zero visibility. Please be extremely careful and if you are ever a victim of such mishap, do not forget to call your Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.
Another factor that makes a truck accident different is the extent of damages and injuries incurred by such incident. Since the trucks' size is relatively bigger, they tend to cause greater damage in accidents than cars or other motor vehicles do.
In Addition,  trucks need longer distances to stop as compared to other passenger vehicles. How does a truck accident happen? For more information contact your personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the many different reasons why large truck accidents happen:

Drivers aggressively speeding ahead
Drivers speeding up just to go with unrealistic schedules
Failure to inspect tires, brakes and lights
Following closely in some vehicles
Driver fatigue and inattentiveness because of long work-shifts
Using the Cell phone while driving
Failure to install blind spot mirrors
Jackknifing through heavy traffic
Ignoring reduced truck speed limit

It is clear in most of these cases that negligence is a main cause for the occurrence of a truck accident . Sometimes however, it is also due to the fault of company policies and neglect. Some trucks are not installed with rear and side bumpers, along with high front bumpers. These punch into automobile passenger compartments.

LALaw24, we have more information regarding truck accidents and the legal implications of being involved or injured by such unfortunate incidents.

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